Premix Coolant

ACDelco Premix Coolant provides year-round frost and corrosion protection. Our premix coolant is already mixed at a ratio of 50% coolant and 50% water to ensure good corrosion protection and provides frost protection down to -37°C. Whilst the 50:50 mixture is typical, especially within Northern Europe, it can be diluted further and a ratio of 33% ACDelco Premix Coolant provides frost protection to -18°C. Mixtures with more than (approx) 70 vol. % of ACDelco Premix Coolant in water are not recommended.


Product features

  • Maintains free protection against freezing and boiling – silicate and carboxylate inhibitor technology
  • Efficient and long lasting corrosion protection – ethylene glycol based fluid
  • Extended coolant life – low depletion rate of corrosion inhibitor
RefDescriptionLitresQty per Box
88901136Premix Coolant 35%5 litres4
88901122Premix Coolant 50%5 litres4
88901123Premix Coolant 50%60 litres
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